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The SOMNUS Investment Kft. (seat: 1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 24. fszt. 1. tax #: 24382078-2-42, registration #: 01-09-174285, registering commercial court: Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága) 

The contract’s full legal rules between the Contractor, the Consumer and the Company is based on Government Regulation 45/2014. (II.26), (hereinafter referred to as Govern. R.)  electronically, prior to contracts created between distant parties, we inform consumers of the following: 
Products and services available for purchase on our website can be can be listed, viewed and can be viewed with related descriptions and prices by clicking on the Products menu item.

Company information and contact information

Service provider’s name:     SOMNUS Investment Kft. 
Service provider’s e-mail:     info@brightwhite.hu 

Service provider’s phone #:     +3670/947-34-15 
Service provider’s address:     1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 24. fszt. 1. 
Company responsible for or Name of registering commercial court:    Fővárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága 
Registration #:     01-09-174285 
Tax #:     24382078-2-42 
Bank account #:     10701276-67979686-51100005 
IBAN:     HU17-1070-1276-6797-9686-5110-0005 
Swift #:     CIBHHUHB 
Name of licensing authority:     Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) 
Contact of licensing authority:     www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/sectors/cosmetics/cpnp 
Permission #:     1540619 

Contact Name:
E-mail address:
Phone #:

Delivery methods:

You may choose from the following for your order:
-    Delivery
Based on total:
0 HUF to 60,000 HUF cost: 1,450 HUF 
-    Pay upon delivery cost: 300 HUF
-    Pick Pack Point
Pick Pack Point pick up cost: 860 HUF
Pay at Pick Pack Point cost: 210 HUF

Shipping and payment methods for orders can be selected on the order summary page where the delivery cost of the ordered product be indicated as well. 


You may choose from the following payment methods:

Payments can be made with:
-    Cash (upon delivery or on spot payment).  There is a possibility to pay in cash upon delivery.  In this case, cash payment must be made in full to the messenger delivering the product.
-    Bank transfer
In case you wish not to pay by cash, we can only start the mailing of your order upon receiving your bank transfer in full.


Rules pertaining to the Consumer is controlled by Rule 45/2014, in summary:
The Customer has the right to cancel.  Cancellations are:
•    After receipt of goods,
•    In case of service, after the contract is concluded 

Cancellation can be made within 14 days.  The Customer, 14 days after the cancellation is responsible for returning the product to the Seller.  In case of written cancellation, it is enough to send the cancellation statement within 14 days to the Service Provider.  The only way the Customer will not be held financially responsible for the product if returning it/them in its original condition.
If a damage occurred to the product, then the Customer is responsible to reimburse the Service Provider.  "SOMNUS Investment Kft." Is responsible to reimburse the price of the purchased product and the cost associated with the order within 14 days; in this case the customer is liable to pay for mailing back the product.  Due to cancellation, the Customer does not hold any cost above mailing back the product/s.


You can access the cancellation statement by clicking here: 
Cancellation / Termination notice template

Warranty, Guarantee

1.    Product warranty

Which cases can you live with the rules of the warranty?

In case of a defective performance of SOMNUS Investment Kft, according to the rule of the Civil Code, you may validate your warranty.
What are your rights based on the warranty?
You – have the following warranty to request:

You may request a repair or replacement, unless if any of your requests are either impossible or disproportionate in relation to the Service Provider to fulfill at an additional costs.  If repair or replacement was not requested or could not be requested, in that case, you can claim proportional delivery or can have it repaired at the company’s expense, or can have it resolve it or corrected by someone else – as a last result – can withdraw from the contract.  You can revert to another warranty, however, you shall bear the cost of the conversion, unless it was justified or that the company gave you a reason.
Within what deadline can you validate your warranty claim?
You are responsible to notify the Service Provider of the damage immediately, but no later than within 2 months after discovering the damage.  However, I must bring to your attention that 2 years from the starting date of the contract completion, you can no longer validate your guarantee.  This is the case in used items, but maximum one year.  Whom can I validate my guarantee claim against?  You can validate your warranty claim with the company.  What other rules are there to validating my warranty rights?    In order to validate your warranty, within 6 months from the order fulfillment, there is no further requirement other than notifying about the damage, if you can verify that the product/s, as well as the service was provided by SOMNUS Investment Kft.  However, after six month period have passed after the date of order fulfillment, than You must prove that you have realized that the defect existed already within the fulfillment period. 

2.    Product
What can You use for your product’s warranty?
In case of sale of goods (products) failure You – have the choice – the right to claim your warranty specified on Point 1. 
What rights do you have based on your warranty demand?
You may only request the repair of replacement of the defective product.
In what case is it considered damaged?
A product is defective if it does not meet quality standards or does not meet the properties in the manufacturer’s description.
Within what period of time can you validate your claim?
You may validate your claim within two years of the product being placed on the market by the manufacturer. After this deadline you will lose this rightt for the claim.

Against whom and with what other kind of condition can I validate the warranty claim?
You may provide your claim solely to the product’s manufacturer or dealer. You may have to prove the malfunction of the product in case of warranty validation.
In what case is the manufacturer (distributor) exempt from product guarantee?
The manufacturer (distributor) will be exempt from product liability solely if it can demonstrate the following: 
- Did not manufacture products at its company, or distributed, or
- Based on the failure of science and technique, at the time of distribution was not recognized or
- The product’s defects is caused by regulation or mandatory legislation requirements.

The manufacturer (distributor), to be exempt, must only prove one reason.
Please note that for the same damage, the guarantee and warranty of the product/s cannot be demanded at the same time.  However, after the successful warranty claim, for the replaced product and the repaired parts, you may validate your warranty with the manufacturer.


-    45/2014. (II. 26.) Detailed government rules for contracts between consumers and businesses  
-    2011. CXII. Law of informational self-determination and freedom of information law 
-    Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code

Guarantee conditions

Terms of money back guarantee:
•    In case you wish to live with the 100% money back guarantee, then please send a clear close up picture of your teeth (JPG file) renaming the file with YOUR NAME.  Also send a picture following the full treatment after 10-12 days to garancia@brightwhite.hu.  By sending these pictures, you have activated your guarantee, if this is not done then the warranty does not apply retrospectively and the guarantee is voided for you.
•    The condition of the guarantee is to use maximum 1 pc. BrightWhite teeth whitening set, regardless how many you have purchased.  If 2 or more sets are used, in that case the warranty gets voided.


Mail the following to our mailing address:

• All remaining items from the whitening kit, syringes or its parts in its original packaging (if having ordered multiple sets then unopened packages as well)
• The original invoice for the teeth whitener as copies are not accepted
• A short complaint letter in which you notify us of the reason why you are not satisfied with our products.
• You are only permitted to use the money-back guarantee once, in case of further purchase, this option is no longer available
• Also provide us with a bank account number and name, where we can transfer the amount to be returned. In all cases, we only use bank transfer!

Refund process:

•    30 days from the purchase date, return it to the above stated mailing address!  (opened, unopened products, original receipt and your complaint letter.  Mailing address: SOMNUS Investment Kft. 2220 Vecsés, Bethlen G. utca 3/2.) 
•    The postage fee is non-refundable!

Important!  We can only complete the refund if all of the above requests are fully complied with.

Note: Our money-back guarantee only is only available for product/s purchased directly from us.