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How It Works

You have certainly dreamt of shiny white teeth like what Hollywood stars have some time.

Now you too can have such snow-white teeth with the new generation of Bright White peroxide-free home teeth whiteners.

In the end, the effect is the same as if a dentist had performed the whitening, but here we achieve the same result using natural cosmetics, in a safe and painless manner..


Why is peroxide-free teeth whitening good, and why do we recommend home teeth whitening?

We recommend the BrightWhite peroxide-free home teeth whitening in particular to those with a sensitive gum or teeth. As opposed to peroxide-based teeth whiteners, there are no side effects such as sensitivity of teeth, skin redness, irritation or bleeding – none too pleasant a thing. However, you can avoid these using the BrightWhite home teeth whitener, which will also help you achieve the same shining smile that its peroxide-containing peers.

Another argument for BrightWhite home teeth whitening is that it is very cost effective, since we don’t have to pay for the dentist’s work and time, which are pretty expensive. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that we should not see the dentist regularly, as the removal of dental stone is also essential for a healthy, fine denture. With the BrightWhite home teeth whitening system, we can achieve a perfect, snow-white smile while at home, watching TV or listening to music, relaxing comfortably on a couch.

Active agent:


Use of the BrightWhite teeth whitener is a 100% safe.

Its main component is sodium perborate monohydrate, from which oxygen gets released as an effect of the cold LED light. The oxygen enters the micro-grooves of the teeth enamel, generating its whitening effect.

Contrary to popular belief, the teeth enamel is not scoured; instead, there is an oxidation process taking place.

How does home teeth whitening work?

Use of the BrightWhite home teeth whitener is very simple and comfortable. You load the whitening gel into a double-arced comfort silicone dental splint, which does not need to be thermoformed, and so it is easy to use and comfortable. Then, you only have to attach it to the lamp and fill it with the gel. Then you put it in your mouth together with the LED lamp, and stay comfortable for 20 minutes. Thanks to the new lamp with 32 LED bulbs, the results are even more durable.

The treatment only takes 20 minutes per session, and your teeth will become 4-6 shades whiter even after the first use of the whitener. Complete whitening takes about 10-20 sessions, depending in part on the set ordered, when you achieve the whiteness you want and how frequent you use it. After the whitening is completed (10-20 sessions), your teeth may become 12-14 shades whiter. BrightWhite can whiten your teeth even beyond their natural colour, and does so in an inoffensive way, without making your teeth sensitive during or after whitening.

Teeth whitening should be repeated every 3-4 months in order to keep whiteness on a constant level. Of course, our lifestyle has a significant effect on the time of durability and discolouration. You should avoid or consume only moderate amounts of coke, red wine, coffee and strongly coloured food (due to the food paint), as well as smoking.

You must not eat or smoke for 3-4 hours, and must not consume coloured food and beverages for 48 hours after treatments.

How does remineralisation work?

The set includes a remineralising gel, which should be applied after whitening, at maximum 2 times a week. This returns the necessary minerals into the teeth. Portioning of the remineralisation gel (blue gel) is also very simple. Apply a drop of the gel to the dental arch of the higher and lower dental arch of each teeth, with about 0.5 cm intervals. Take care not to put too much gel into the bar, because then it could spill. Place the dental splint on your teeth, leave it there for 4-5 minutes, then remove it, but don’t flush. We recommend that you use the remineralising gel after whitening, before going to bed, so that the gel can take effect during the night, achieving maximum results.

Don’t use the remineralisation gel more than 2 times a week!

The duration of the treatment depends on how discoloured your teeth are, but in mist cases, 10 or less sessions are enough to achieve a snow-white smile. Results differ for everyone as not two people has the same dental structure, but in most cases, we achieve 12-14 shades whiter teeth after a full treatment.

This is a professionally recognised product with European Union CPNP registration and a Safety rating.

It is time to change your life and become confident both in your personal and your professional life. Make your dreams come true, and get a blindingly white smile like you have always dreamt about! Use the BrightWhite home teeth whitening system; a healthy, beautiful smile is a long-term investment!